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Welcome to the Spappz administration page.
What you can do from this site:
  1. Spappz registration system administration.
  2. Get the latest news about Spappz.
  3. Several other things to come...

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Application links 
If you are using SpAppz online registration with your existing website there are several links that you can put on your website that connect to application pages.
Registration This is the main link used by your users to register. The player will need to login or create a new login to complete the registration. This link connects using 128 bit security.


Change player Info After a player has registered they can log back in and change their contact information.


Team Contacts This provides all the team contact information that you have entered into SpAppz


Events You can create as many events as you wish from the event registration system. The link for the event is found at the top of the event maintenance page (after you have created and posted the event) or you can link to a group of events with this one.


Tournaments You can also create Tournaments in a similar way that you create Events. The link for the tournaments can be found at the top of the individual tournament maintenance page.
Lost and Found The lost and found system is an addon helper application that you may wish to take advantage of.


Admin Use the following link to access the administration menu.


Posted 2/8/2016
EPIC Testimonial
EPIC has been partnered with Techsys since we began and we have been extremely impressed with the ability of Techsys to provide a solution for all our needs...
Posted 10/30/2015
Spread Sheet downloads now Mobile
We have changed our method of downloading spread sheets to give you more application options (other than just excel).
Posted 7/23/2015
Contact Form History
When requests are sent to your club via the Contact us form, they are now archived.
Posted 7/5/2015
CMS page and content maintenance merged
Now there is only one process for maintaining you pages/navigation and content.
Posted 5/6/2015
Reprint Very Old Registration Confirmations
Now you can reprint old confirmations from the 'Payments History Dump (last year and beyond)' menu option.
Posted 1/29/2015
Only one email reminder per email address
The reminder email process has changed from sending one reminder per player to one email reminder per email address.
Posted 11/18/2014
Linkable Applications
Did you know that there are several SpAppz/Webapps applications that are free for you to use? You can link to them from your website or directly from an email.
Posted 10/14/2014
Contact us Page - Two new options
There are two new options for the Contact us page.
Posted 10/8/2014
Auto sensing login
Admin/login now works for Everyone.
Posted 10/1/2014
Player Discipline and Statistics
SpAppz now allows data entry of player discipline and statistics by game.
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